10 Tips for Successful Entrepreneurship by Paul Haarman

We all want to be successful entrepreneurs, but few of us know what it takes to get there says Paul Haarman.

That’s why we’ve taken the time to compile a list of six tips that will help you become a better entrepreneur and business owner.

  1. Who Are You Investing In? The people surrounding you play a huge role in your success as an entrepreneur. It would help if you had support from those who understand both your vision and your goals.
  2. Don’t Be Afraid to Swallow Your Pride:  As per Paul Haarman most entrepreneurs are perfectionists and think they can do everything on their own – and sometimes this works to their advantage – other times not so much. Hiring employees may not always seem like the right move. But hiring someone with specific skills to help you is often the most efficient.
  3. Don’t Get Too Comfortable: Always challenge yourself to improve and grow as an individual, whether with your current team or new hires down the line says Paul Haarman. Remain positive and work on surrounding yourself with people who are just as thirsty for knowledge as you are.
  4. Seek Mentorship Early On: One of the best ways to learn about business success is mentorship. There are plenty of successful entrepreneurs with valuable insight; choose one or two with whom you feel comfortable learning. Soak up every bit of knowledge they give you.
  5. Think Bigger Than You Are: If your goal is making money, you are limiting yourself. As an entrepreneur, your plan should be changing the world in some way. Your work will end up benefiting others at some point down the line. Even if it’s not within your original plan.
  6. Don’t Be Afraid to Fail: No matter how perfect you make your business model or how precisely you execute your plans, failures can happen anywhere along the way. Paul Haarman says it is more important to be prepared for the unexpected and continue moving forward despite any setbacks.
  7. Surround Yourself with The Right People: Everyone you bring into your business – whether a new hire or a client – has an enormous impact on your success. Choose those who are strong in either skill, ideas, or ethics.
  8. Take It Slow: Slowly build up the momentum of your business instead of trying to launch it at full speed right out of the gates. You can develop some good feedback from clients and potential customers if you do the latter. Still, the overall process will go much more smoothly if you take things slowly. Allow yourself time to work out any kinks before exposing them to the public eye.
  9. Know When to Let Go: You should never stay in a position if you aren’t fully confident in yourself or your team. Remember, your time is valuable, and the only way to increase its value. By spending it on things that make you happy. It’s alright to let go of employees/clients who are not making positive contributions.
  10. Don’t Forget the Little Things: No matter how busy you become, don’t neglect the small stuff. There may be times where something seems relatively unimportant compared to what you’re working on at the moment. But taking care of these little hang-ups will save you headaches down the line.


Paul Haarman says sure, being an entrepreneur takes a lot of hard work, but it also comes with great rewards. We hope these tips have helped get you jumpstarted on developing into a successful entrepreneur!

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