4 Tips on How to Capture Leads

Did you know that lead generation is used by 67% of businesses as the top strategy for content success? The most important step in lead generation is enticing your leads to follow you into the funnel. It involves providing information and collecting the visitor’s details.

Marketers work day and night to develop strategies that would help them drive more traffic to their website and capture leads. These strategies include PPC ads, SEO, social media campaigns, and, most important of all, content says Paul Haarman.

So, why do some of us fall short in the content department?

First, you lead to understand the marketing funnel.

Content Marketing Funnel

As you can see, the number of visitors you get is not equal to how many of them you turn into leads, which is why the funnel narrows down.

Content Marketing Funnel

Now, how does one ensure they turn at least half of the visitors into leads?

Let’s find out:

1.     Determine the Objective of Why You Want to Capture Leads

Every stage of the funnel provides something different, so you should optimize the content differently emphasis Paul Haarman. At the TOFU stage, your content needs to be interesting and appealing so that the visitor provides their contact details.

At the MOFU stage, you need to provide relevant information in the form of eBooks or case studies to keep the reader hooked. Finally, at the BOFU stage, you should talk about how your product will benefit the person. Keep in mind, you should talk about how the features of your product can help your customers and not how cool they are.

2.     Build an Irresistible Offer

Content in any form that’s free and provides valuable information is a great way to capture leads. The content you offer needs to be irresistible to your desired audience. You could offer downloadable eBooks, discounts on content, upgrades, exclusive video tutorials, etc.

3.     Create a Page Just for Capturing Leads

A landing page dedicated to lead generation is a great way to show visitors how much you care about them. You need to ensure that this page has everything a visitor would ask, Paul Haarman says. Here’s what it should include:

  • Image of your partnership certification with Google
  • A strong CTA
  • The main heading, which states the value proposition
  • The subheading, which reiterates the value proposition
  • The main CTA that tells visitors what they need to do next

4.     Optimize and Test

The best way to determine if your lead magnets, pop-ups, and landing pages are giving you the results you want is through A/B testing. You can then optimize the ones not working well for a higher conversion says.

This might feel a bit tedious at first, but you can easily do this on the landing page. Most businesses have a team dedicated to testing. However, if you don’t, copy-paste your campaigns, make variations to test, and check their success says Paul Haarman. Additionally, you can also hire a professional such as John Doe to design and assess your marketing campaigns.

Apart from these tips, make sure that whatever lead generation campaigns you are designing are attractive, match your overall communication, and provide valuable information.

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