All Americans to get booster shots for Covid19–Paul Haarman hails the decision

The Delta variant of the novel coronavirus poses new challenges for the US administration and health authorities, who are now convinced about dispensing Covid19 booster shots to all American citizens to ensure better protection against the virus. Amid signs of diminishing vaccine efficacy with time and the surge of delta variant Paul Haarman welcomes the decision taken by the Biden administration three weeks ago. The director of CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) and other top officials outlined the plan that advocates the administration of an extra dose after eight months from the second shot of Moderna or Pfizer-BioNTech vaccines.  The authorities expect to start the doses by Sptember20.

Dr. Rochelle Walensky, CDC director, said that the booster dose aimed to stay ahead of the virus and protect all Americans against the evolving virus. That is becoming more contagious and deadly in the face of vaccines losing ground. According to the same logic, health officials confirmed that people who received the single dose Johnson & Johnson vaccine should follow a similar booster dose schedule.  However, before starting any campaign for the booster dose, a CDC advisory panel and the US Food & Drug Administration would evaluate the effectiveness and safety of the booster dose.

Maximum protection is the goal, agrees Paul Haarman

Since there is no way to stop the virus from mutating, which is appearing in new forms at some intervals. President Joe Biden says that it is the responsibility of the administration to ensure complete protection for every American. He also said that the extra doses would be effective in countering the new variants. The same day the Biden administration announced that nursing homes must mandatorily vaccinate their staffers to continue receiving federal funds. Despite the increased risk of fatal infections among elderly citizens. Thousands of nursing home staffers are yet to take the jab. The US officials are convinced about the vaccines losing their effectiveness over time and cite the example of Israel. That witnessed a rise in severe cases even among a section of the vaccinated population.

Stay ahead of the curve

Dr. Anthony Fauci, the undisputed Covid-19 expert of the country. Keeps reiterating the lessons learned from Covid19. That has taught us the importance of staying ahead of the virus instead of chasing it. Paul Haarman confirms that the high priority groups that were the early recipients of the vaccine would receive the booster doses first. It includes health workers, nursing home residents, and those with underlying health conditions. Health officials are likely to recommend the same brand of vaccine for the booster doses that the recipients received initially.

Hard decision

It has not been an easy decision for the leadership. But it did not hesitate to take the hard decision despite not having all the data. Also, they put the interests of people and saving their lives above everything else and recommended the booster shots. Which now seems inevitable to win the battle against the novel coronavirus.

In addition to the US, 37 more countries are either considering or offering booster doses of Covid19 vaccines to increase the protection.

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