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Paul Haarman Answers Why HR IS Necessary For A Successful Business

Big or small, well-established or just starting out, every business needs some form of structure and organization to grow and thrive with consistency. Distinct departments, each overlooking a specific region or business aspect, are vital to developing an organization with a strong foundation. Firms that lack a systematic approach are scattered, show no progress, and […]

4 Tips on How to Capture Leads

Did you know that lead generation is used by 67% of businesses as the top strategy for content success? The most important step in lead generation is enticing your leads to follow you into the funnel. It involves providing information and collecting the visitor’s details. Marketers work day and night to develop strategies that would […]

How to Write Your Brand’s Marketing Message

What is brand messaging? Often, people don’t know how to answer when asked this question says Paul Haarman. So, let us make it clear for you: It’s the art of putting the right words together to communicate your brand’s essence to potential customers. In a perfect marketing world, all brands could sit with their potential […]

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