How to Write Your Brand’s Marketing Message

What is brand messaging?

Often, people don’t know how to answer when asked this question says Paul Haarman. So, let us make it clear for you:

It’s the art of putting the right words together to communicate your brand’s essence to potential customers.

In a perfect marketing world, all brands could sit with their potential customers at a café, sip coffee, and do business. In reality, brands have only a few seconds to entice their audience with an ad or website.

This might come as a surprise, but brands too get stage fright. There are times when they know what they want to say, but as soon as they get the attention of their customers, they draw a blank. Brand messaging is more complex than “I’m lovin’ it” or “Just do it.” Those are just slogans.

The key to writing the perfect brand message is encapsulating your brand’s core elements emphasis Paul Haarman. Let’s take a look at them:

Write Your Mission and Vision

Your mission statement tells your customers why you created your business, and your vision statement describes your future goal. Put together both of them, and you’ve got your purpose.

Describe Your Values

We care for our customers.

Our imagination has no bounds.

Our designs break all the rules.

Your values tell your customers the reasons why you do your work.

Position Your Brand

Your positioning statement states the ‘how,’ ‘who,’ and ‘what’ of your business. For example, you are selling shoes, so your positioning statement will be:

For those who are on their feet all day long, Shoenique delivers comfort at its finest.

You have your brand name, product, and what it offers, all in one sentence.

Think About Your Target Audience

If your target audience is adults, you need to ensure that your message speaks to them, Paul Haarman says. For example, shoes by Shoenique are marketed as comfortable and cool that give you confidence. A campaign for Shoenique could be how wearing them can make a person walk taller and purposefully into an interview and ace it.

By speaking the language of your audience, you entice them to give you a chance, which is all you need to get started.

Pick Your Voice

Your brand’s voice can be professional, funny, casual, passionate, or something else, depending on what you sell. Keep in mind that it should represent the values of your service.

So, you have got your mission and vision, values, brand position, and voice. Now that you know where your brand stands, you can develop a message that best describes what you sell advice Paul Haarman. Taking the example of Shoenique, here are some ideas:

  • Celebrate Your Uniqueness.
  • Walk with Comfort and Confidence.
  • Walk the Walk Unlike Ever Before.

So, has your block cleared? We bet you give your brand’s details a once-over to make sure you hit all the marks mentioned above. If you are having trouble coming up with the right message, why not get in touch with John Doe to get help with the ideas. They will give you a new perspective on your brand and help you refine its core to make your message more meaningful.

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