How to Write for an Online Magazine to Get More Views

Engage! People click, stare, blink, scroll, cough, blink, and casually walk away.

The missing pieces in your magazine’s puzzle could mean the difference between an eye roll and reading till the very end.

Digital magazine content is becoming trickier day by day. There’s a lot of information out there that everyone has heard and probably one too many times says Paul Haarman. Engagement is now considered a dirty word because marketers can’t seem to stop using it. It’s a cliché notorious for its failures rather than the success it offers.

Why is that?

Perhaps, you are spreading yourself too thin, and it’s making the readers wonder what your specialty is, or your content does not have that X factor, which people look for when reading a blog. No matter the case, you need to up your game to get more views!

How? Let’s discuss:

Restrict Your Focus

As mentioned earlier, how do you expect readers to keep coming back for more if you keep jumping from one topic to another? We understand that you have a lot to share, but you might be better off if you choose a topic that you are an expert in and stick to it emphasis Paul Haarman.

One type of need.

One audience niche.

One content piece you need to push to the top.

One channel and campaign you will own and rock!

Make it Snappy

Forget what you learned in your English composition class. Back then, it was: Intro, body copy, and conclusion. Today, the inverted-pyramid style has taken the blogging world by storm. It involves writing your conclusion first, supporting it with theories in the body copy, and then asking the reader to stay tuned for more.

This way, readers have the choice to dive deep into the content if they want.

Use Deep Captions

You have probably heard that the blog’s title reels in the reader. It’s true. The same rule applies to subheadings, but what about the rest of the content, Paul Haarman says. To make your blog more engaging, you need images, but that’s not it. You need deep captions too. These refer to captions that are at least three sentences long and intrigue the reader to keep reading.

Honor the Magazine You Are Writing For

The most important thing about writing for a magazine is that you need to stick to the theme. For example, if it’s a beauty magazine, you have to stick to the beauty hacks and latest makeup trends. You can’t go off ranting on health, electronics, or business strategies.

Be a Brand

Yes, you are writing for a magazine, but it’s your voice. When structuring your content, make sure that it promotes your brand but follows the magazine’s voice. Don’t start selling your product or service right away if you don’t have the clicks. Traffic matters, and with just 20 to 50 followers, you can’t spread the word about your brand advice Paul Haarman. Don’t forget to include CTAs such as follows, likes, related articles, channel subscribes, and special offer clicks.

To keep your readers coming back for more, divide the post into a series instead of writing on one topic and then moving on to the next. This way, your readers will keep coming back to find out what you have to say in the follow-up post.

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