Paul Haarman- 10 Top Tips on How to Start a Profitable Online Store In 2022

Here are 10 Top Tips on How to Start a Profitable Online Store In 2022:

  • The first thing you should do is to create a business plan, where you will find detailed information about your project and the e-commerce market in 2020 says Paul Haarman. Try to predict the future trends based on what you see happening now, as well as using your own judgment, knowledge and experience of running a business. Your final document should include:
  • With a business plan in hand, start looking for a website domain name that best suits your product or service. Registering a domain name costs from $8-20 per year depending on the extension (.com being more expensive than .net), so take into account that initial cost when planning your budget for this project. Also, keep in mind that people always remember .com addresses more easily than others, so it’s advisable to go with the .com version of your business name.
  • Check out online options for setting up a website and hosting service. If you plan on having a blog or informative website rather than an e-commerce site, free services such as Blogger and WordPress can be used, but they come with limitations: you won’t be able to download products from third-party websites or process transactions without paying extra money for it.
  • Once you have created your online store website design, start uploading content such as product images and descriptions (if someone orders something from your site and it doesn’t exist anymore, they expect either compensation or a refund), pricing information and terms of sales make sure to include all legal disclaimers, return policies and shipping costs. Create links to all your social media sites, such as Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest where you can keep in touch with customers about new products or any special discounts that you offer.
  • Promote your new website on popular platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Google+ by sharing links to your site’s products both on these sites and through word-of-mouth marketing to attract visitors from search engines. Social media is a great tool for building brand awareness because it allows retailers to get in touch with their potential customers directly without having to go through the sometimes time-consuming process of finding distributors or agents says Paul Haarman.
  • Make sure you have a plan for handling online orders efficiently: make use of tools available from your customer management software if you have chosen one, or request a new feature from your e-commerce website developer for this purpose.
  • Be on the lookout for potential competitors. If there are existing stores in your niche that offer similar products, study them carefully to find out what works and what doesn’t: why do some sites attract more clients than others? What can you do differently to stand out from the crowd and capture a bigger market share?
  • Check out online forums where potential customers discuss their likes and dislikes about certain products or businesses. While they look for information about where to buy them. Interact with these people using messages boards; social media sites and product review websites. So that when they decide to actually go ahead and buy something, they’ll come to your site.
  • Don’t be afraid of investing in advertising methods such as Google Adwords, search engine optimization (SEO), banner ads and email marketing. Because these are proven strategies that work when done right. Allocate a certain budget for paid advertisements every month. So that you can attract new customers without having to spend too much on development or production costs initially.
  • If you have the time, take up an E-Commerce course at Coursera or another recognized online college. In order to gain practical knowledge in this field. Make sure you don’t make any fundamental mistakes with your e-commerce website design (like making it difficult to navigate through).


Make sure it is very easy to remember and has your business name in it says Paul Haarman.


Optimize the site with keywords that you expect visitors to type when searching for your products or services. And then submit it to all major search engines.


Choose a design template with colors and fonts that match your company image. And add navigation buttons on each page of your site so visitors can easily find what they need. Be aware of copyright laws before using images without permission from their rightful owners.


Post links regularly about new products, special deals. And any other news related to your activity (such as upcoming events, new releases or celebrity endorsements).


Paul Haarman explains E-commerce has become a viable and profitable business model. For entrepreneurs and small and large companies that offer products or services to people all over the world. If you want to make your presence online. It is important to understand the specific characteristics of this type of business. And establish the right connections with customers and expand your market share.


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