Paul Haarman- 11 Tips to Get the Most Out Of Your Day

Here are 11 Tips to Get the Most Out Of Your Day:

1. Get up early and get started on your most important task.

If you don’t know what your most important task is, the answer will likely come to you if you ask yourself: “If I only accomplish one thing today, what should it be?” asks Paul Haarman

2. Train your brain before you begin.

Do 25 push-ups or 50 jumping jacks or 100 fingertip push-ups. This gets your blood flowing and wakes up the neurons in the brain – which will be key for whatever task you’re going to undertake.

3. Have a well-defined goal before beginning your day.

For example make it clear that today you are going to write a detailed outline of an article about getting the most out of your day! Without a “next action” it’s too easy to procrastinate by doing anything else but what you should be doing.

4. Live with integrity.

If someone asks if they can interrupt you, tell them that today is dedicated time during which no one can bother you (unless there’s an emergency). Don’t let anyone break through your boundaries unless there’s a good reason for it.

5. Get into the right mindset.

If you’re feeling too distracted, stressed or just not inspired to get things done today, perhaps you’re trying to launch your rocket ship from the wrong starting point says Paul Haarman. Take a step back and identify where you are right now, what is missing in order for you to be able to start taking action with full power behind it? Perhaps it’s getting more sleep? Or eating better? exercising more intensely each day? Or reading inspirational material first thing in the morning?

6. Eliminate distractions by letting others know that today is your day off.

The less distraction around you the easier will be for focusing only on important tasks rather than wasting time with social media, junk mail and other less important stuff.

7. Commit to a specific number of hours to work today.

The first couple of hours should always be the most productive ones as it takes some time for your concentration level to go up. Segmentation is a key here – take a couple of our blocks and dedicate them only to working on the most important tasks during that period. In the mean time you can do other things that don’t require high thinking power such as checking e-mails, cleaning or preparing food etc.

8. Get rid of distractions from your physical surroundings at all costs!

Did you know that one study showed that merely seeing a candy bar increased people’s IQ by 10 points? It sounds too good to be true but what this experiment really showed is that seeing temptations around us, no matter how weak they are, makes it harder for us not to give in. If you have a candy bar in your work area and a candy bar in your kitchen then the chances that you’ll eat it some point during the day increases dramatically explains Paul Haarman.

9. Priorities ruthlessly.

In order to get something done you need to focus on doing one thing at a time until you finish it before moving on to the next task on your list. Multitasking doesn’t actually help getting more things done faster – instead it often leads to taking longer on each individual task because of having “sharper” concentration levels for shorter periods of time.

10. Make the most of your day even if you’re not feeling productive at first.

If you’re in a situation when you can’t get things fast enough, don’t be too hard on yourself. Just keep moving forward and keep it simple – don’t try to do anything complicated or difficult because it won’t work out well under pressure.

11. Get some sunshine before beginning your day’s work!

Even just spending 20 minutes outside in natural sunlight boosts concentration levels by 30%. Getting rid of distractions is necessary but having all this extra focus for longer periods of time makes it that much easier to achieve important goals faster than ever before!


People who are most likely to be productive throughout the day are those who feel good about themselves says Paul Haarman. Having insecure thoughts is one of the biggest distractions you can ever face so making sure your mindset is positive and your self-esteem healthy.


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