Paul Haarman: 12 Surprising Business Opportunities for Introverts

As an introvert, I know that we can often be misunderstood. This is in part because we are not great at communicating our thoughts and feelings says Paul Haarman. Our loves and hates, opinions and hobbies – sometimes it seems like we don’t even know ourselves half the time! But when you peel back all of the layers of confusion surrounding the typical introvert’s personality (yes, there is such a thing as “typical”), I am willing to bet that you’ll find a very exciting opportunity just waiting to be seized.

In fact, opportunities abound for the introverted businessperson of every stripe – let’s have a look:

1) Computer Programming

Introverts love things that they can get their minds around. We love structure and order, and we are at our best when things are predictable – which is why introverts make great computer programmers. When you think about it, this makes perfect sense. A computer programmer’s workday is dictate by strict rules that must follow to the letter. Meanwhile, he or she works alone in a quiet environment free of distractions.

2) Sales

Introverts are often perfectionists who pride themselves on their ability to communicate well with others. Together these traits make the introvert an excellent candidate for a career in sales. The ability to influence people while working solo under minimal supervision also goes hand-in-hand with the introverted personality type.

3) Solicitors

Your occupation is more creative than analytic, and your duties will include meeting with customers, writing up contracts and proposals, researching new markets, and expanding existing relationships says Paul Haarman. Because of this, a great deal of self-promotion is require to success in this industry. This might not be everybody’s cup of tea, but introverts have little difficulty playing the part.

4) Writing

Introverts can be more creative than extroverts because we tend to think before we speak or act. We often prefer the written word to speech because it allows us time to collect our thoughts and carefully consider our message before delivering it to others – which makes introverted writers perfect for careers as ghostwriters, editorial assistants, technical writers, novelists, copywriters and bloggers.

5) Motivational Speaking

If there’s one thing introverts love, it’s talking about them. We are our own biggest fans, and we never tire of hearing how great we are – which is why so many introverts make outstanding motivational speakers. Because the only people who truly matter to us are ourselves and perhaps a select few close friends or family members, there isn’t much that intimidates an introvert. Thus it is easy for us to stand up in front of hundreds or even thousands of onlookers and deliver presentations with ease.

6) Careers as Clerical Support

Many introverts prefer working alone rather than in groups, but this doesn’t mean they don’t like being around other people. For instance, an introverted accountant may enjoy spending time at work with other accountants, but she may feel stifled or overwhelmed by all of the small talk and unimportant chatter that usually characterizes office life. Thus, a career as a clerical assistant might be a good fit.

7) Healthcare Career

Introverts are well suited to careers in healthcare because they work well under pressure, enjoy helping others and have very even personalities – which aren’t always the case with extroverts who can sometimes be flighty or emotional explains Paul Haarman. Introverted doctors often make excellent patients because they follow their physician’s instructions carefully and don’t try to diagnose themselves online – both huge pluses when it comes to working with those who suffer from anxiety disorders!

8) Work from Home

Having an introverted personality type is perfect for telecommuting jobs. Introverts are best suit for this type of work because they don’t mind working in isolation. And can handle large amounts of quiet time on their own – something that extroverts have a hard time doing. Additionally, introversion is associating with being more self-sufficient than extrovert personality types. So it’s likely that an introvert will be able to complete his or her assigned tasks without constant supervision by the boss.

9) Bartender

Barkeeps are naturally gregarious individuals who enjoy interacting with people. While still having the freedom to tend bar alone when needed. Many introverts find this occupation perfect because it allows them to stay social on occasion. While being free from socializing on demand – which isn’t always the case with other types of service jobs. Bartending can be natural for introverts who find themselves working in groups on the job. But it’s also an ideal profession for introverts who loathe small talk and enjoy exercising their creativity in mixology concoctions.

10) Customer Service

Many introverts have difficulty dealing with conflict. So this occupation is generally not well-suiting to them. Because they will often need to address grievances from irate customers on a regular basis says Paul Haarman. However, there are some introverted personality types who don’t mind haggling or arguing over money. Especially if the stakes are low enough that no major blowups are likely to result from the transaction. For these individuals, customer service careers might just be the perfect fit!


We hope you find the perfect career for your personality type and we wish you well in all your future endeavors!


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