Paul Haarman- 15 Surprising Things You Can Do With an Old Smartphone to Make Extra Cash

Last year, we wrote this article about how to sell your old iPhone and make some quick cash for those of you looking to upgrade says Paul Haarman. It was a popular one, because who wouldn’t want money for something they already have? But what if you don’t need the money? What can you do with an old smartphone that doesn’t require a trip to the store or time on eBay?

Here are 15 ideas:

1. Sell it on Craigslist –

eBaying an old phone is the obvious choice, but Craiglist is always worth checking out as well. Your ad will go live immediately and could be seen by someone local instead of having to wait for an interested buyer to search your item online.

2. Don’t sell it, donate it –

If you don’t think you’ll ever use your old phone again and would rather see it put to good use, consider donating it. Just make sure you wipe all of the information off of the device before passing it on to another person (or business). Here is a list of charities and organizations that accept cell phones as donations from Unicef and here’s one from The Cell Phones For Soldiers program.

3. Keep it for emergencies –

In the digital age, the only thing scarier than not having a smartphone is being completely cut off from communication in case of an emergency or natural disaster. If keeping your old phone gives you some peace of mind, then stash it somewhere safe says Paul Haarman. It’s not worth much to anyone else anymore, but it could mean the world to you.

4. Turn it into something new –

If your smartphone is too out of date to bother trying to sell or donate, take a look at what you can do with all those other parts inside. You have a camera, music player, and GPS device just waiting for someone to come along and use them! Try taking apart your old phone and using the pieces as decorations around the house or office (like this person did) or try repurposing them into completely new devices that are more useful for your life now. Here are 16 ideas that are perfect for both adults and kids.

5. Reuse it –

If your old phone is a basic model, there’s no shame in keeping it around as a backup or second phone to take on camping trips or your next vacation. It doesn’t have to be used solely for emergencies either! You can use an older ‘dumb’ phone to do things like monitor the temperature inside of the house while you’re away, to avoid wasting battery life from your main smartphone or even just taking pictures from all those awkward angles that are impossible with a regular camera says Paul Haarman.

6. Don’t let them sit around –

What good is a disposal method if you don’t actually make use of it? If you know what you want to try first with your old device, then get started already. If you don’t know, keep it around in an easy-to-reach place like your home or car so that when inspiration hits, you can act on it right away!

7. Sell it for something else –

There are sites out there dedicated to buying used phones (like Cell Phones For Sale) and they will even make low-ball offers if you list the item as ‘For Parts Only.’ This is not recommended unless you’ve tried everything else on this list and can’t think of anything better to do with the phone. It’s always best though to at least try and see what happens. You may be surprised!

8. Use it as a dedicated controller for your games console –

Nintendo’s Wii U GamePad works with all Wi-Fi-enabled smartphones, but only official game developers can take advantage of that technology. You, however, can use your old smartphone (that doesn’t need to be working) to play any number of games on your Xbox 360 or PlayStation 3 . It may not work for every game out there, but it sure is a cool way to pass the time while you wait for someone else to finish playing multiplayer mode.

9. Don’t throw it away! Recycle it!

Although you could still probably get $10 for your old phone at the local recycling center, there are other ways you can recycle your device so that its components can live on in another form says Paul Haarman. Please click here for the official details from AT&T.

10. Use it as a dedicated e-reader –

If you’re not interested in selling your old smartphone, there are some other options that will allow you to use the device as more than just a phone. Besides being able to play music and video files saved on an SD card or connected flash drive, you can also use your phone as an e-reader by loading it up with free apps like Amazon Kindle, Nook and books. It’s a great way to save space on your bedside table if you read books only occasionally, but don’t want to have to buy a stand-alone device just for reading.


We hope you found something in here that will help. If not, tell us what your plans are for your old smartphone explains Paul Haarman. How long have you had it? Do you plan on keeping it or selling/donating it? Let us know below!


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