Paul Haarman: 25 steps to starting your own business today

Starting a business can be a daunting task, but with these 25 simple steps, you can be on your way to entrepreneurship today.

1. Know your industry.

Do your research and know everything there is to know about the industry you want to start a business in explains Paul Haarman. This will help you make smart decisions and avoid common pitfalls.

2. Choose the right business model.

There are many different business models to choose from, so find one that best suits your skills and interests.

3. Create a business plan.

This document will outline your business goals, strategies, and financials, and will be essential in obtaining funding or investors.

4. Name your business.

Come up with a name that is catchy and representative of your business. Make sure to do a trademark search to make sure it’s available.

5. Register your business.

You will need to register your business with the state and/or federal government before you can start operating.

6. Get insurance.

Protect yourself and your business by getting insurance for everything from property damage to liability.

7. Set up a bank account.

A dedicated bank account for your business will help you keep track of expenses and income separately from your personal finances.

8. Establish a credit history for your business.

Start building a credit history for your business by applying for small loans or lines of credit. This will come in handy down the road when you need to borrow money for expansion purposes.

9. Decide on your business structure.

There are several different business structures to choose from, so choose one that best suits your needs and goals says Paul Haarman.

10. Obtain licenses and permits.

Depending on your business, you may need to obtain licenses and permits from the state or local government.

11. Choose your team.

When starting a business, it’s important to assemble a team of talented individuals who can help you reach your goals.

12. Market your business.

Create a marketing plan and implement it using a variety of methods such as online advertising, PR, and social media outreach.

13. Celebrate your successes!

Starting a business is hard work, but with perseverance and a bit of luck you can be successful. Celebrate your successes along the way and keep pushing forward.

14. Deal with setbacks.

Not everything will go according to plan, so be prepared to face and overcome any setbacks that may arise.

15. Learn as you go.

Entrepreneurship is a learning process, so make sure to constantly educate yourself on the latest trends and strategies in your industry.

16. Get involved in your community.

Building relationships with other business owners and professionals in your community can help you network and get referrals.

17. Be frugal.

In the early stages of your business, it’s important to be frugal with your expenses and save as much money as possible.

18. Invest in technology.

Technology can help streamline your business operations and make you more efficient.

19. Set aside money for emergencies.

No one knows what the future holds, so it’s important to have a cushion of funds saved up in case of unexpected emergencies explains Paul Haarman.

20. Manage your time wisely.

Running a business takes a lot of time and effort, so make sure you manage your time wisely and don’t spread yourself too thin.

21. Delegate tasks.

Don’t try to do everything yourself – delegate tasks to your team members to help speed things along.

22. Be persistent.

The journey to entrepreneurship is not always easy, but if you are persistent and keep working hard, you will eventually achieve success.

23. Celebrate your failures.

Experiencing failure is a normal part of the entrepreneurial journey, so don’t be afraid to celebrate your failures along the way. They can provide valuable learning experiences.

24. Stay positive.

No matter what challenges you face, it’s important to stay positive and keep your head up. This will help you maintain focus and achieve your goals.

25. Have fun!

Running a business can be stressful at times, so make sure to take some time for you and enjoy the ride. After all, if you’re not having fun, you’re doing it wrong!


Starting a business is not easy, but it can be very rewarding. By following these tips, you’ll be on your way to starting a successful business of your own.


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