Paul Haarman- 5 Ways to Save Money at Home (Without Throwing Anything Away)

Here are 5 Ways to Save Money at Home (Without Throwing Anything Away):

1. Trim the Fat

It’s time to get rid of your fat wallet! Well, not really; it just needs to be trimmed down a bit explains Paul Haarman. There are plenty of places where you can easily shave off a little cash. For example, do you need to buy coffee at Starbucks every morning? If so, make yourself a pot at home instead. Or perhaps you need to take the bus or pay for parking every day. If so, compare prices on Zip Car or Car2Go to find a more affordable option. Once you’ve identified some fat that can be trimmed, get rid of it!

2. Return That Textbook

College textbooks are expensive, no doubt about it. However, if you’re willing to wait just a little bit, your problems may be solved! Most college bookstores have an end-of-semester buyback policy that will allow you to sell those textbooks back for cash or credit. Consider renting books instead of buying them as well; the price tag isn’t as scary, and you can still use them on campus. No need to spend more than you have to on textbooks!

3. Investigate Other Options

If groceries are your weakness, then it may be time for some extreme couponing! Just kidding (maybe). If you’re looking for a cheaper option than the grocery store, consider buying in bulk at Costco or shopping at a local farmer’s market. If you’re looking for more extreme coupon-ing, check out some of these sites:

However, if the thought of couponing makes you want to cry, then consider cooking more of your meals at home (see #1). Either way, it’ll be cheaper than buying food at the store every day says Paul Haarman.

4. Get Digitally Social

Social media is not just for selfies and sharing statuses anymore! Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest… they’re all great resources for saving money at home. Just keep track of what you spend your money on every day (say, that morning Starbucks). Then use social media to find coupon codes or free giveaways that can help you save the next time you go out to buy something similar. For example, if you drink coffee every morning, follow Cafe Mom Coupons on Facebook so you can cash in on a daily deal the next time you need caffeine. If this seems too tricky or tedious, consider removing shopping apps from your phone so temptation is less available when spending decisions are being made!

5. Make a List

It’s easy to get carried away with all the wonderful things going on in your head! However, if you write down a list of what you need before you leave the house, chances are good that you’ll spend less and save more. A few minutes spent planning will go a long way when it comes to saving money at home. Happy shopping!


Q: How do I stop spending so much money on groceries?

A: If you follow the tips above, you’ll see a difference in no time! However, if you’re still worried about your grocery bill each month, check out programs like Snap by Groupon explains Paul Haarman. This app allows you to browse local grocery deals and match them up with coupons for maximum savings. You can save up to 80% off on everything from organic produce to gourmet kitchenware. Just keep track of what you buy each week, and then show your phone at checkout for major discounts!

Q: Why would I want to invest in a membership site?

A: Membership sites are great because they allow members access to exclusive deals and freebies. For example, check out Wag Jag! This site allows you to host a daily deal for almost anything. You can get discounted access to spas, restaurants, and even retailers like Sephora.


There you have it! Saving money at home is a lot easier than it sounds. With these tips, you’ll be able to withdraw from your bank account without feeling guilty about what’s missing.

By identifying your weaknesses and making smarter spending decisions, you can cut that grocery bill in half. If you’re looking to save on something else (like coffee or social media apps), consider using coupons, deals, and giveaways to find the lowest prices possible. Just remember: if it’s free, it’s for me!


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