Paul Haarman- 7 Powerful Steps for Creating Any Result You Want in Your Life

Sometimes people ask me, “What is your method of healing?” I don’t have a method. I simply respond to the moment as it presents itself says Paul Haarman.

-Jerry Jampolsky, M.D., Attitude is everything: Life’s 7 Greatest Lessons

Over the past several years, Jerry Jampolsky and his wife Diane Cirincione (two of my most treasured mentors) have taken me around the world and into their hearts. They’ve helped me grow in immeasurable ways and continue to do so every day with their teachings and unconditional love.

This morning, I asked Jerry to share some wisdom with all of you because he has such an inspiring way of providing answers for those big questions we all ask about how to create more happiness, success or healing in our own lives and the lives of those we care about and help.

Here’s what he said:

I’ve come to realize that every moment is a choice point. You don’t have to push it away or run from it – you can just breathe through it and ask yourself, “What do I want now?”

  1. When your answer is something like, “I want to feel better,” remember you CAN choose how you show up for this moment – happy, sad, excited, fearful – however you show up within these emotional boundaries is fine as long as you’re not hurting yourself or others. Then imagine feeling good and create a clear image of how it would be to feel better and let go of any doubts. This may seem simple but it actually becomes a powerful way to direct your life and create immediate positive change.
  2. When you feel really good, even if it’s only for a moment, do something nice for someone else – send those flowers or maybe just compliment them or smile at them says Paul Haarman. It feels good to give to others and it makes us feel that we’re part of creating harmony in the world. So giving is basically getting twice because once you’ve given, you’ll receive even more from others…which also feels good! It’s truly a win-win-win situation!
  3. Remember that no matter what anyone says to you or how they treat you, there are only three types of people in the world: 1) those who try to make things better all the time; 2) those who never try to make it better and 3) those that sometimes do or don’t. You just have to focus on not allowing yourself to get hooked into thinking anyone is better than you in any way because they’re all human beings just like you trying their best either to help themselves or others, so let them know their light shines brightly!
  4. When your mind tries to tell you that what happened was somehow your fault or could be your fault. Remember that an accident is when two things come together so closely. That they unite with such force that by chance alone they act in a way unintended by both of them. Learn about accidents (including your own), how they happen (combined forces coming together in unexpected ways). And what you can do to minimize their effect on your life explains Paul Haarman. Use this learning as a way to gain wisdom…and the more wisdom we gain, the less accidents we experience in our lives!
  5. Remember that life is truly a miracle and there’s no reason for it all – no purpose or why. So just enjoy the ride and learn how to use its energy to be of service. It might help you to say “thank you” out loud for each day as if nothing ever happens that isn’t wonderful. Because every new moment is filled with possibilities!
  6. At night before you fall asleep, reflect on what happened during the day and find something good about it. Even if some really bad things happened too. As Mother Teresa said, “There is always something good if we look hard enough for it.”
  7. You can also remember that every day you’re learning and growing as a soul with the unique gifts to share with other. And just as each of us has our own fingerprint. Each of us has our own way to give and express those special gifts. That were given to us by God or Great Spirit. Or whatever name suits your individual belief system says Paul Haarman. Each one of them is equally important and there’s no reason not to follow what you feel in your heart. Because no matter how silly you feel about it sometimes – like when your friends try to make fun of you. They really do love and support you unconditionally!


Remember that you can choose to be aware of all the good things in your life. And even when something challenging happens, you always have a choice to look for how it’s for your highest good. Try this plan immediately…and every day!


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