Paul Haarman explains How to Force Collection Companies To Leave You Alone!

Did you know that there are only two ways to stop collection calls? asks Paul Haarman

The first is to negotiate a settlement with the creditor. This may or may not be worth your time. The second method, however, is 100% guaranteed! Ready for it? Here goes…


That’s right. If you fail to pay your bills on time, eventually the creditors will stop calling because they have no way of knowing if/when you are planning on paying them back. Of course this doesn’t mean that you should go out and rack up debt just so you can say “stop”. It means that if someone calls you trying to collect a debt, all you need to do is politely tell them that you haven’t paid your bills in a while and suggest that they call someone else. Remember, the only other option is to work out a settlement with them (and who knows how long that will take).

The good news: Collection companies make more money on interest than fees. If you stop paying your bills for enough time, creditors will eventually stop calling…guaranteed! If necessary, just be sure to let any collection company know when you finally pay back your debt because — believe it or not — they WILL come after you otherwise.

It happened to me. I was getting calls every day from collectors trying to get me to pay an old debt that wasn’t mine! It got so bad that my children were afraid of the phone.

Here is how I handled it:

  • First, call and verify the debt in question and get the creditor’s name and address, if possible. If you have NOT given permission for the creditor to share your personal information, inform them that it is an invasion of privacy.
  • Next, send a letter to the collection company stating that they are now being reported to the FTC, FCC and their State’s Attorney General’s Office for this violation says Paul Haarman. I sent my letter via Certified Mail so I could document what happened next. The calls stopped within 4 days! The only call after that was from a new collection agency saying they bought the old debt and would I like to make a payment? They got NO response from me!
  • It may seem too easy but it has worked for me and others who have tried it with success. It will cost you $10-20 dollars to file these reports and you can find the links to all of these agencies on your state’s attorney general website.

You must include in your letter:

  • That this debt is more than (X) years old and it is against the law for them to attempt to collect,
  • The name of the original creditor and how much was owed,
  • A copy of your ID verifying it is your SSN they are using for this collection account. This is important so you don’t become a victim of Identity Theft. You can get a free copy of your credit report online or by phone if needed.


1) What if the company doesn’t care about being reported?

They are claiming that this debt is owed by YOU so they have to take it seriously or they could be sued for violating the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act.

2) How long does this process take?

It should only take a few days to file all of these complaints. After that, wait at least 3 weeks before making your first contact with them (AFTER you get their letter in the mail).

3) Do I send all of my letters via Certified Mail?

Yes! That way you can prove when everything was sent and received. 4) Isn’t this giving up without trying?

Not really. Once their creditors know that all attempts to collect this debt are being documented and will be reported they WILL stop calling.

Not once did I need to speak with anyone, only the initial letter stating that I disputed this account because it wasn’t mine.


Scammers are getting cleverer every day. The only thing that scares them is being caught! This will work to stop the calls, but ONLY if you file these complaints explains Paul Haarman.

I wish someone would have told me about these years ago!


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