Paul Haarman: How can social media improve customer service?

Social media has become a force in the world of customer service. People are more likely to engage with brands on social media, meaning they are more likely to complain there too says Paul Haarman.

Who does not have an account on some form of social media? Everyone! From teenagers through to grandparents, every demographic uses it in some way.

Even if your target audience is not currently using social media how can you still use it as a customer service tool? This article will give suggestions for engaging people via social media and improving customer service through these channels.

What are some examples of successful campaigns on social media?

One example of this is Domino’s Pizza’s Twitter campaign where they sent pizza to anyone who tagged them in tweets saying kind things about the company says Paul Haarman. Using social media in this way can be a great idea because it rewards customers for saying nice things about you and encourages them to stay engaged with your brand.

Another perfect example is AirBnB’s twitter campaign where they would respond quickly and efficiently to complaints made on Twitter; however, instead of just resolving the complaint, AirBnB kept things light-hearted by using jokes and memes in their responses. This meant that even if there was a long delay between when the problem was first reported and when it was resolved, the customer felt like they were still being listened to.

How can social media improve customer service?

Social media is a great place for customers to complain and it’s also a perfect place for companies to resolve complaints.

Here are some tips for improving your social media customer service:

1) Respond quickly:

Customers want to know that they have been heard and there is nothing better than getting an instant response from the company via Twitter or Facebook. It shows that the company cares about individual cases rather than just trying to resolve problems en masse.

2) Use humour:

People respond better to light-hearted jokes than they do formal apologies, which means taking a humorous perspective on customer service can be effective when engaging with people on social media. This is especially true if the complaint was made in jest, as companies such as Airbnb have shown.

3) Be personable:

As humans, we like to feel that the company we are dealing with is human too. If you treat customers on social media in a way that they perceive as personal then your interactions will build loyalty between them and your brand. This can be done by acknowledging people’s feelings, using emoticons and even replying personally at times explains Paul Haarman.

4) Maintain professionalism:

Even if you are using humour, you must still maintain the professional nature of the business through your tone of voice and wording. When things get out of hand it is important to step back from situations because there are many customers who are outraged for no good reason at all!

5) Consistency:

If you are going to have a social media presence then it is important that the messages your company puts out there are all consistent with each other. If two different customer service reps answer complaints differently, this can be damaging because customers will not know what they should expect next time they interact with your business.

Social media has become an integral part of people’s lives and businesses would do well to leverage its power when it comes to customer service. Using humour in moderation can make for witty interactions between brands and their customers which can strengthen relations in the long run. Good luck!

Here are some FAQs recently asked by our users:

FAQs about Customer Service

What is the best way to provide customer service on social media?

The best way to provide customer service on social media is by first providing helpful information. Directing customers interested in direct support to your business website. Where they can use their services or ask questions. If you feel that a response is necessary, it’s important to be as professional as possible.  Don’t make jokes at the expense of the brand such as making pop culture references.

What do companies look for when recruiting social media representatives?

Companies generally look for individuals with experience working in the industry. That has a good understanding of current trends and events says Paul Haarma. Social media representatives should also be highly organized, responsible. Willing to devote time outside of work hours to resolve any issues.

What’s the best way for a company to use their social media presence in customer service?

The best way for a company to use their social media presence in customer service is. By responding quickly and directly and answering questions in a helpful and friendly manner. On Facebook and Twitter, it’s important that companies avoid inundating users with promotional material. Instead focusing on providing useful tips or information. One of the main goals of customers who contact your company over social media is simply to be heard. So make sure you acknowledge this when interacting with them.


Using social media to resolve customer complaints and provide quality customer service is important for businesses says Paul Haarman. The article suggests that the best way to participate in these interactions with customers is. Providing them with helpful information first. Highlight your presence on Twitter or Facebook if necessary. Direct them to your company website if they have specific questions about how to use your services. By responding quickly and honestly, companies can avoid damaging their brand’s reputation even further.


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