Paul Haarman: How to Grow Your Small Business in a Recession

In a recent address to the nation, U.S. President Barack Obama addressed issues of concern to small business owners and entrepreneurs in economic uncertainty says Paul Haarman. He focused on job creation and stimulus for new startup businesses. “But we must do more,” he said, “We must match the determination of the countless small business owners who are playing by the rules, making payroll, and self-insuring. Their businesses are what create most new jobs in America.”

He reminded his audience that things were bad but not as dire for their generation as they were during other recessions. He cited figures that proclaimed that while unemployment would reach 10% at some point during 2010, it was higher than that for each year since 1981 except 1982 and 1983–and while the unemployment rate passed 10% in 1983, it still remained below 20%. “But I want to be clear,” he said “It’s clear even beyond these statistics how much harder this recession has been on small business owners. Many have told me personally about the near-impossible challenges they have faced trying to get a loan.”

He promised again to implement “a smaller, simpler, smarter government,” and for the first time he spoke extensively about his administration’s stance on net neutrality. [LINK]

In this tough economy, how can small business owners beat the odds? How do you keep your company afloat in the face of high unemployment, low consumer spending power and an unstable job market? In order to survive during these times it is important to look at the situation from a different perspective. It may be time to think outside of your box! As a small business owner or entrepreneur that has been in operation at least one year you are in a better position than ever before. Why?

Now you have more experience in terms of what works and what doesn’t. You can make changes to improve your success, clear the path that was once cluttered with new challenges and obstacles, and you can even learn from other’s mistakes. If you are reading this article then you must really want to know some tips on how to grow your small business in a recession says Paul Haarman. Well it’s easy; all you have to do is think like a CEO or president rather than an employee or worker bee. It’s time for change!

Now let’s talk about why this recession will be different than others we have heard so much about in recent history:

1.) How did President Obama get elected? It had a lot to do with social media and the internet. The free flow of information is not as easily controlled as it was in the past and much can be done at home via a computer and within a budget.

2.) During the industrial revolution we saw an industrial growth unlike anything we had ever seen before. It all happened so fast that there were bound to be mistakes along the way. We learned from those mistakes and became stronger as a nation because of them. Plus globalization made us aware that other countries weren’t playing by our rules either! Now with more of the world’s population coming online, more people are looking for ways to communicate, learn, share ideas, and start businesses, etc., without big brother watching over their shoulder ready to shut down freedom of speech explains Paul Haarman.

3.) Globalization means more opportunities for you. You will have more choices of where you want to live and work. Not just in your own country but also abroad. You will have a better chance of getting deals with suppliers from other countries. Selling products worldwide and being more competitive against big business.

4.) The stock market was built on the assumption that everything would expand forever. We all know that isn’t true so it is now time to build a new type of market structure. One that is based on how things really are…a global economy during an unstable period of history.

5.) There has been a lot of focus on green technologies from both small business owners as well as large companies. Because they see this as a future trend that could be profitable for everyone involve if correctly.


During this recession, small business owners have a better chance of growing their company. Because the economy is changing, but more importantly they are already in business. Unlike big companies that are scrambling trying to figure out ways to survive or expand says Paul Haarman. Smaller companies have an advantage if they are smart about their marketing decisions. And have access to new media tools that can help them get the word out. Social media is more than just a trend – it’s an opportunity to grow, learn and share ideas that will help you be successful.


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