Paul Haarman: How to know when it’s time to expand your business operations

You might be the owner of a small business, a startup, or a franchise operation. You have been working hard to build your company and now that it has taken off, you want to expand into new markets. How do you know if it is time to expand, asks Paul Haarman?

The following guide will help you understand the signs and take the right decision for your business.

1) Your existing customers are asking for more services:

If your existing customers are demanding products from different product lines from yours, then this is a sign that they need your service in other forms. If you plan on keeping them as regular customers then it would be wise to branch out into other products or services that meet their needs and expectations. Look at what competitors are offering and see if you can fill any gaps in the market.

2) You are not meeting customer demand:

If you are finding that you are not able to keep up with customer demand, then it is probably time to expand your business. This could mean adding more staff, renting more office space, or investing in new technology that will help automate some of your processes. Meeting customer demand is essential to keeping them happy and hopefully turning them into loyal customers.

3) The economy is growing:

When the economy is doing well, businesses tend to do well too. This is because people have more money to spend and are looking for ways to invest it. If you are seeing an increase in sales and growth in your business, then this might be a sign that it is time to expand. You will want to be prepared for this growth by having the necessary resources in place, such as more staff, office space, and equipment.

4) Your business is profitable:

If your business is profitable, then it might be a good idea to consider expanding. This is because you will have the financial resources available to invest in new markets and products. However Paul Haarman says, you will still need to do your research to make sure that expanding is the right decision for your business.

5) The market is ready for your product or service:

Sometimes it is not enough that your business is ready to expand, but the market needs to be ready too. This could mean that you need to wait until the market for your product or service is more established. If you are not sure if the market is ready, you can look at similar businesses in similar markets to get an idea of how well they are doing.

6) Paul Haarman – You have no competition:

If you have been operating in a local area and have few or no competitors, then it might be a good time to expand. If no one else is offering your products or services, then this might mean that there is a lot of potential money being left on the table because others aren’t servicing these customers either. On the other hand, if there are plenty of competitors in your field, then it would be best to research the possibility of expanding into other areas instead.

7) Your business is stable:

Expanding a business is not something that should be taken lightly. You will need to make sure that your business is financially and operationally sound before expanding. Look at the stability of your business, making sure that you have enough money, staff, technology, and resources in place for this expansion. If all seems well with your business then it might be time to look into expanding into new markets.

You are now ready to expand


Now that you are aware of the signs that signal it is time to expand your business, you can start looking into expanding says Paul Haarman. Remember to do your research before diving headfirst into any new markets or products. Look at similar businesses and see what the best and you can improve upon these services or products. Keep the needs and wants of your customers in mind when expanding and make sure that you are able to meet their demands. With a little planning, your business can reach new heights with an expansion!

Now that you know the signs it’s time to expand your business, what are you waiting for? Start planning today! Make sure you do your research before expanding into any new markets or products, as this can be crucial to your success. Look at similar businesses and see what they do best, then improve upon these services or products. Keep the needs and wants of your customers in mind when expanding, as this will help ensure that you are able to meet their demands.


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