Paul Haarman- How to Prepare for a Big Promotion or New Job

Some tips:

  • Start a Mentoring Relationship
  • Research the Company and Role
  • Learn as Much as You Can
  • Get to Know People in the Organization
  • Take on a High Profile Project and Be Highly Responsible and Accountable for Its Success.
  • Be Consistent, Dependable, Reliable, Honest, and Loyal.

This is an exclusive interview that The E-Board conducted with David Bradford (EB ’03), General Manager of The Pacific Club Resort Hotel & Spa. We would like to thank him for his valuable time spent with us explains Paul Haarman. By: Mariam Armanious “I know we can do it!” – David Bradford (EB ’03) with tenacity and humility David Bradford has become an exemplary leader by impacting people’s lives positively through The Pacific Club Resort Hotel & Spa. The hotel has grown exponentially under his direction because of his vivacious and generous personality, plus the fact that he is a visionary leader with a strong desire to make this world a better place.

Why did you choose Ball State University (BSU)?

I’m proud to say I attended Ball State during an interesting time; we had new leadership on campus with Dr. Jo Ann Gora who was extremely focused on quality education and she helped build an innovative university from nothing but farmland! It took great visionality to do what she did, and it’s thanks to her that I had an opportunity to attend BSU.

What or who influenced your decision of becoming a leader?

My parents were among the many influences on me growing up. They always imparted upon my siblings and me the importance of thinking big, working hard, having fun, and of course giving back. Throughout my life they showed us how to do just that! My mom was very influential in my life as well; she is tenacious and passionate about things she believes in which has helped influence me throughout my life says Paul Haarman.

What advice would you give college students about how to prepare for their future careers?

I believe you should always be open-minded when it comes to pursuing new opportunities because you never know where you will end up!

How has your degree helped you in becoming a leader?

My degree has certainly made me more marketable when looking for jobs, but most importantly it gave me knowledge of who I am and what I want to do with my life. It also provided the foundation to get ready for the real world.

In your opinion, what is a key to being an effective leader?

Be yourself, be passionate about whatever you are doing, be driven by a purpose, surround yourself by smart/passionate people, be tenacious, and grounded! Also have fun while doing it because if you’re not enjoying the journey then it’s not worth doing.

How did being associated with The Pacific Club influence your career/life?

The Pacific Club is my home away from home! I saw it as an opportunity to lead in an organization that has a great name in the community and also would afford me with various opportunities throughout my career. Not only that, but one of the goals when I took over was to be able to give back more to our members/owners by reinvesting profits back into the hotel which has allowed us to grow tremendously since being at The Pacific Club!

What are some things you have done or are doing currently that have enabled you to become a better leader?

Every day is about learning so I try not being stagnant when it comes to becoming a better leader explains Paul Haarman. I do this by reading, listening, asking, and also challenging myself daily because you can always learn something new.

What responsibilities do you have as General Manager of the Pacific Club?

I am ultimately responsible for 300 employees and $30 million in annual revenue. Which I find extremely rewarding because it’s directly impacting our members/owners every day! Besides that, another thing that is really important to me is to continue to grow the hotel family. One way we’ve done this has been to increase our giving back by creating a foundation at The Pacific Club where we can help those in need throughout Southern California.


After getting to know General Manager, Mr. Zubin Daver, I’ve found that he is a very innovative man with many goals and aspirations for The Pacific Club. He seems very committed to growing this family-friendly business. Where he can pursue his passions of working with others and giving back to the community.


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