Paul Haarman on Need for Authentic Brands in the Market

Marketing is an important aspect in any business sector says Paul Haarman. A marketer needs to understand his customer’s requirement and working style so that he can develop a marketing formula which will increase the sales of his product. Branding is one such process which helps businessmen in making the product popular among the masses. However, it has been observed over a period of time that most of the marketers have been using low quality ingredients for producing their products and then selling them at high prices.

This has led to a decrease in demand for many brands that lack authenticity and do not deliver what they promise. The need for authentic brands was felt by entrepreneurs from various sectors, be it food or beverages or even automobiles! Brands were established throughout the world with an aim to provide their customers with an original taste of the product. This trend has caught on very quickly and now people are aware about their rights to get authentic products, which is a threat to many brands that are still using substandard ingredients.

People Now Want Authentic Products

  • The past couple of years have seen tremendous growth for food business entrepreneurs says Paul Haarman. However, they face several challenges in the market where millions of brands are fighting for recognition among the target audience. It’s not easy to develop a brand new brand as you need considerable amount of money and time before it becomes popular among consumers. For this reason, most marketers elect to use already available brands which will help them save both time and money. To gain instant popularity they choose low quality ingredients for producing their products and then sell them to consumers at a high price. This not only helps in increasing the sales but also gives a boost to their reputation among businessmen. However, it has been observed that consumers do not prefer such brands which lack authenticity and does not give the same taste as promised by the companies.
  • As companies used low quality ingredients for manufacturing their products, demand of authentic products began picking up gradually. In countries like India where food is an integral part of every household, people generally went for popular brands to serve their guests with tasty dishes! But now things have changed drastically and people are more aware about the ingredients used in food processing industry today! They also want to serve original food items in parties and events associated with social gatherings. This trend has caught on very quickly in the global market, which is hurting profits of many brands that are still using low quality ingredients explains Paul Haarman.

  • For this reason, most food entrepreneurs have realized the need for authentic brands. Today it is essential to develop a brand new product which would be like by all sections of customers! Consumers do not want to go for established brands anymore. Rather they prefer tasting something new every time they visit the market. This has led to emergence of companies with diverse range of products catering specifically to different consumer groups around the world. Thus entrepreneurs are investing heavily in R&D activities so that they can introduce innovative dishes with unique flavors in front of their customers!
  • Today consumers are more aware about their rights when it comes to buying authentic brands at affordable prices. They simply do not want to buy products that lack originality and fails to deliver what the company promised! As a result companies are forced to invest significantly in R&D activities which will help them introduce new variants of existing recipes every time they re-launch their products! This trend has spread all over the world and no business can ignore its importance. While developing new or modifying existing products.
  • In the end I would like to add that it is essential for food entrepreneurs to launch authentic brands. Which will be like by consumers from different age groups. It’s not enough anymore if you have only established brands in your kitty; rather you should come up with unique flavors of dishes. So that people can get an amazing taste when they visit your restaurant again. More and more entrepreneurs are now venturing into flavorful food items. Which is a threat to many brands that are still using substandard ingredients.


In a nut shell, it can be said that brands which use authentic recipes. And deliver the same taste as promised will gain instant popularity in the market says Paul Haarman. It is very important for entrepreneurs to come with innovative products. So customers have a reason to visit their restaurants again. In most cases consumers do not go for several variants of dishes available at eateries. Which lead them to try new items on next visit! Thus companies are now venturing into developing unique flavors of existing recipes!

As entrepreneurs diversify their products it becomes essential to introduce new brands. Today they need not rely on established brands alone as consumers demand innovation from food processing units also.


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