Paul Haarman shares 3 Important Reasons Why It’s Worth Putting Yourself First

Tired of being a doormat? Put yourself first! says Paul Haarman

I used to be the biggest enabler known to man. I was always there for anyone who needed me, but at what cost? I was never there for myself and it finally caught up to me. If you want your life to change then start by putting yourself first and doing all of the things you’ve been putting off.

Here’s why it’s worth putting yourself first:

1) You won’t turn into a narcissist giving more love to others than you do to yourself. Everyone else matters but YOU matter more. If we don’t take care of ourselves, we’ll eventually fizzle out and lose our importance in life. When we put ourselves first, that automatically makes us as important as anyone else who walks this earth!

2) It will show those around you that they can’t just walk all over you anymore. This is how relationships work-it isn’t an even give and take with everyone on this planet… at least not yet anyway! You need to demand respect and if someone doesn’t respect you, kick them to the curb. No one has time for people who don’t respect them!

3) Your happiness will increase. You can’t be happy on sweat alone. You need your own money and support system in order to feel good about yourself explains Paul Haarman. Once you put yourself first, that’s when things start falling into place-it may not happen right away but eventually, it will!

Put yourself first-you might just like the outcome of your life a lot more if you do

So what are you waiting for? Put yourself first before someone else does and I guarantee that your life will turn out a lot better because of it!

Hands down that is probably the best advice ever given, I think this should be written into the constitution.

The first two points are not mutually exclusive – see, e.g., Susan the first two points are not mutually exclusive – see, e.g., Susan Price-Pottenger’s “cat studies”, the work of Weston A. Price, etc…

The second point is also consistent with Gary Chapman’s The Five Love Languages

So why does this sound so revolutionary?

It comes down to the fact that Most people subscribe to some variation on #1 and #2 but fail at actually implementing them in real life (and it doesn’t help that establishmentarian culture usually just reinforces #1). So if you hear this kind of advice before introspecting about your own life experience it might seem like empty words. We’ve seen very similar contradictions manifest in the past year…

For example, there was a lot of talk about “redistribution” and its potential benefits to the lower classes. But the Left denounced such policies as hegemonic, neo-Marxist etc. Some even went so far as to accuse others of wanting unearned/undeserved entitlements (even though leftists usually claim that additional state assistance would be contingent upon verification that: you’re better off than before, and that said assistance would then help propel you back into an economically viable position).

It seems like they really want all of this… but they still think people who actually believe in redistribution are hypocrites, condescending paternalists or outright traitors says Paul Haarman. Same with transhumanism. People really want a better, longer life – even if they’re too “pragmatic” to admit it in public – but they still have this dim view of elitism.

Same with the concept of self-love. People want to take care of themselves and love themselves… But they also tend to see such sentiments as something for narcissists or people who are overly conceited.

This is why I think that this article is important: it shows that there’s a way out of that particular conundrum, and living by these values isn’t hypocritical. It might be a little more difficult than saying them in passing, but at least you can rest easy at night knowing that your values aren’t contradictory!


This article is important because it gives you a way out of the “but I want this too!” trap that we often find ourselves insays Paul Haarman. So if you’re looking for a way to advocate putting yourself first but still escape accusations like: “You’re just advocating hedonism and selfishness!” – Well this is how! Put yourself first, advocate self-love and you won’t be doing anything hypocritical anymore!

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