Paul Haarman shares Different Ways that You Can Build Your Brand

Have you been working on your personal brand lately? If so, it’s likely that you have already realized the many benefits says Paul Haarman. Personal branding helps to increase your visibility and can help you grow your network of contacts. In addition, it gives people a reason to want to do business with you.

To build an effective personal brand, follow these tips below.

1.) Showcase your Expertise

To build brand awareness, you need to showcase your expertise. Think about why people should want to do business with you. If possible, offer consulting services or help them solve a problem.

For example, if you sell t-shirts online, write an article on how t-shirt screens printing works. You can then provide links to your website so that people can place their orders. If enough people are interested in what you have to say, they might decide to follow and engage with you on social media as well!

2.) Create Contagious Content

Once you know what makes your personal brand unique and compelling – it’s time for getting started with creating some contagious content! However, it’s not just about creating content that is unique and compelling. You need to create content that people feel compelled to share with others, so your brand can go viral!

3.) Make Connections

One of the most effective ways to build business relationships is by networking. Networking can be intimidating at times because you don’t know what to say to certain individuals. However, keep in mind that these are normally one-on-one interactions. If you’re someone who likes interacting with many different types of people, then hosting an event may be a better way for you to network explains Paul Haarman. Once again, this gives you the opportunity to provide information about your expertise or services to anyone interested!

4.) Be Unique

Building brand awareness isn’t as easy as it seems. What makes you different from the rest of the people in your industry? To answer this question, you need to be able to think about what makes you unique and compelling. Look at your competitors and ask yourself whether their brands appeal more strongly to a larger demographic or a smaller niche market. Which brand is more compelling? It’s time for being honest with yourself so that you can proceed to build the most appealing brand!

5.) Don’t Forget About Social Media

In today’s technologically-advanced world, social media sites are an important part of building your digital footprint. From Twitter to Pinterest – try out all kinds of networks so that people have a reason to follow you.

By making sure that your brand is as strong as possible, you will be able to increase your visibility and grow your network of contacts. This is the first step for building a successful business – one that can provide you with all kinds of benefits!


Why is it important to have a personal brand?

Building an effective personal brand can be beneficial in many ways. For instance, having a personal brand that is strong enough to establish credibility and recognition will help people trust you says Paul Haarman. Think of all the different people you know who experts at something are. They are likely well-known because they’ve nurtured their own personal brand.

A strong personal brand also helps potential clients feel more at ease when doing business with you or your company. There’s nothing worse than feeling like someone isn’t taking the time to get to know your best qualities! If you’re new on the scene, it may take some time for others to recognize your name/company as credible. However, once they see how you stand out from competitors, things will be a whole lot easier.

Why is it important to have unique content?

In today’s world, businesses have access to all kinds of tools that allow them to promote their brand and connect with more people. For instance, it’s a lot easier for a company to use Facebook or Twitter for this purpose. The more effective the content they share is – the better! Since many brands are trying to get in touch with both current and potential clients, they tend to create content that isn’t all that unique or compelling.


Building a strong personal brand is critical for anyone looking to grow their circle of contacts says Paul Haarman. Having an effective brand will allow you to make connections with other people who are interested in doing business with individuals like yourself!

Don’t forget that it’s important to be unique and compelling as well! Before putting your digital footprint on the map, make sure you know what sets you apart from others. Remember that social media sites can be an excellent way to network and provide information about your services or expertise! Once you’ve done this – the rest should fall into place (and hopefully, soon enough, your personal brand will go viral!)


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