Paul Haarman- Small business growth: What to expect in the next 5 years

In the next five years, small businesses can expect to see continued growth. There are a number of factors contributing to this trend, including an increase in online sales and the rise of entrepreneurism says Paul Haarman. As technology advances and more people start their own businesses, small businesses will continue to thrive.

The following are some of the key trends small businesses can expect in the next five years:

1. Increased online sales:

Small businesses are increasingly selling products and services online. This is due in part to the growing popularity of ecommerce platforms and the increasing use of smartphones and other mobile devices.

2. Rise of entrepreneurism:

More people are starting their own businesses than ever before. This is thanks in part to the availability of online resources and the growing number of incubators and accelerators.

3. Advances in technology:

Technological advances are helping small businesses to become more efficient and productive. This includes the rise of cloud-based platforms, big data analytics, and artificial intelligence.

4. Globalization:

Small businesses are increasingly going global, thanks to the growth of online platforms and the availability of affordable shipping options.

5. Consolidation:

A number of small businesses are consolidating into larger ones. This is due in part to the competitive landscape and the need for economies of scale explains Paul Haarman.

6. Social media:

Small businesses are using social media more than ever before to reach out to customers and build relationships with them.

7. Sustainable practices:

Small businesses are increasingly adopting sustainable practices, such as using recycled materials and reducing energy consumption.

8. Aging population:

An aging population is creating new opportunities for small businesses in the healthcare sector.

9. New markets:

Small businesses are exploring new markets, including Latin America, Africa, and the Middle East.

10. Rise of the gig economy:

The gig economy is creating new opportunities for small businesses to connect with freelance workers.

Small businesses can expect to see continued growth in the next five years. This is thanks in part to an increase in online sales, the rise of entrepreneurism, and advances in technology. As small businesses become more efficient and productive, they will continue to thrive and expand into new markets says Paul Haarman. So be sure to keep an eye on these trends in order to stay ahead of the curve!

As a small business, you may be wondering what to expect in the next few years. Will your business continue to grow? Will you need to make changes in order to stay competitive?

In this article, we’ll take a look at some of the things you can expect in terms of small business growth.

One thing you can expect is continued growth in ecommerce. In fact, it’s estimated that global ecommerce sales will reach $4 trillion by 2020. This is good news for small businesses, as ecommerce provides a way to reach more customers without having to invest in a physical location.

You can also expect to see an increase in the number of small businesses that are owned by women. In fact, it’s estimated that by 2020, 60% of all small businesses will be owned by women. This is due to the fact that women are starting businesses at a faster rate than men, and they are also doing a better job of scaling their businesses.

Another trend you can expect is an increase in the use of technology by small businesses. Small businesses are using technology to improve communication, marketing, and productivity. In particular, they are using mobile devices and cloud-based applications to connect with customers and employees.

Finally, you can expect to see an increase in the number of small businesses that are exported. As global markets become more accessible, small businesses are taking advantage of opportunities to sell their products and services overseas.


So what do all these trends mean for small business owners? They mean that small businesses need to stay ahead of the curve and be prepared to adopt new technologies and strategies in order to stay competitive. They also mean that there are great opportunities for small businesses to grow in the years ahead. So get ready for a busy few years – the future looks bright for small business!


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