Paul Haarman- The 6 Best Business Ideas for Stay-at-Home Moms to Start Right Now

We all know the stereotype of a mom who works from home. But it’s important to remember that not every stay-at-home mom has the privilege of having their own business idea or even wants one says Paul Haarman. And while some women may jump at the chance to be their own boss, others are content with being an employee. There are millions of moms out there looking for jobs, but it can take time and effort to get hired on somewhere else. That’s why this list will give them ideas they may never have thought of before.

It includes 6 different types of businesses that are easy to start and work well alongside everyday life. Here we go:

1) Online Reselling Business –

Selling other people’s products allows you to work whenever you want, whether that is late at night or first thing in the morning. The only real requirement here is owning a computer and having internet access. Resellers can sell countless items on marketplaces like eBay, Amazon, Bonanza, Etsy, etc. So if books are your thing then there are several places that will provide you with all of the details for selling them says Paul Haarman. Otherwise, check out our list of 10 different things to resell online for other ideas.

2) Personal Shopping –

This may not make sense for every mom but hear us out. If you have children who either goes back-to-school shopping or need clothes throughout the year could be an ideal way to make extra cash. And it’s much easier than you think. Sites like Thred Up,, and Thread flip, and once upon a Child are all places that allow moms to buy other people’s gently used items in order to either flip or resell them for a profit. There are also several local businesses that need their clothes shopped for them regularly if they don’t have the manpower for it.

3) Social Media Business –

This is less of an actual business idea and more of an easy way to make additional money using your existing skillset by leveraging the power of social media. First off, sign up with to earn 40% cash back on the first purchase of Group on (the largest deal site in the world), one of our favorite money making apps to use explains Paul Haarman. Next, create an account on where you can become a social media influencer by reviewing products in your niche for points and rewards. Once you reach enough points, cash them in for free items or gift cards!

4) Become a Test Subject –

This is another flexible option that allows you to make some extra cash similar to being a mystery shopper. Sites like allow users who are 18 years of age or older to sign up and take part in their research studies if they think they meet the qualifications. They say there are no fees involved with signing up until you actually earn money which makes this an extremely low risk way to earn some extra money. Click here to get started immediately.

5) Start a Babysitting Service –

It’s no secret that there are plenty of moms living in the suburbs who need a sitter for their kids when they want to go out on the weekends but hate leaving them at home with someone they don’t know. This is where you come in because starting your own babysitting service only takes about $50-$100. You’ll need some flyers, business cards, and maybe even an ad on the local Craigslist page advertising your services. Once you find your first few clients, you can use websites like (and similar ones like Urban Sitter) in order to expand your reach and make more money. Just be sure to have them sign a contract with you before starting your work.

6) Healing Hands –

If being a nurse is your dream job then why not try and start up as a home health aide? It’s extremely flexible and still considered part-time even though you might do more than 40 hours of work per week. Most training can be done right from home too so there isn’t much hassle involve other than getting the proper certification through an online course or program. You’ll need to make sure you have a few client referrals first though, but after that it’s smooth sailing!


There are so many other easy ways to make money from home but this list should give you a good place to start explains Paul Haarman. The best part about all of these money making opportunities is that they can be in your spare time which means you don’t have to give up any precious family or personal time either!


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