Paul Haarman: The Four Types of Entrepreneurs

The four types of entrepreneurs are scrappy, frugal, risk-taker, and systematic. Each type has a different strategy for success, and most people can fit into one of those categories with varying degrees (i.e., you might be 75% frugal and 25% organized). It’s important to know which type is your primary type because it will likely affect your life in ways you hadn’t thought possible says Paul Haarman.

Scrappy [aka The Hacker]

The scrappy entrepreneur is the type that won’t take no for an answer. Their motto is “give it a shot anyway.” A scrappy entrepreneur will find a way to make something work even if everyone tells them they’re doing it wrong and there’s no way it can work. Even when all signs point towards failure, the scrappy entrepreneur presses on until their idea has been fully executed and tested (or until they run out of money). They tend to be over-confident in their abilities; however, not every successful businessperson is scrappy. For instance: Mark Zuckerberg falls into this category, but Steve Jobs would not.

Scrappy entrepreneurs tend to be very good at taking advantage of opportunities. If something new opens up in the market, they’re usually first on it. If a new product is announced and no one jumps to take advantage of it, the scrappy entrepreneur chases after it like an excited puppy. They’re attracted to “hacks” that can help them save money or do something much faster/easier/cheaper than before. A lot of this personality type has grown out of necessity. Many come from poor backgrounds where buying pre-made things was not an option, so they learned how to make things themselves instead (taking apart other people’s stuff for fun). Scraps are famously cheap with loose purse strings, often choosing to spend their money on experiences or other business ideas instead of fancy things for themselves or their homes.

Cultivating The Scrappy Entrepreneurial Spirit

You might have a very scrappy friend… but you probably don’t know it yet. They’re the ones that are constantly building stuff out of random parts they find lying around (power generators, treehouses, etc.) without really knowing what they’re doing, but somehow it works. You can spot them because they’re usually covered in dirt and missing several teeth (because they’ve tried pulling too many things apart with their bare hands). Because this type doesn’t plan very well, they often end up dropping out of school to pursue their because it’s either drop out now or waste another few years being forced to learn things, they’re not interested in. This personality type rarely makes it to college because they want to WORK on their ideas, not sit around theorizing about them.

Scrappy Entrepreneurs that have Grown Up

This category includes everyone from college drop-outs who started multi-million-dollar companies before the age of 30 (Mark Zuckerberg) to middle-aged men with a wife and kids who still think they can do something bigger than their current job/income level will allow (my father). They’ve usually had at least one major failure, which was enough for them to realize that playing it safe is dangerous; plus, the risks are more exciting anyway. After some rough patches, these entrepreneurs eventually find themselves on the other side, often with a string of failed businesses behind them. As per Paul Haarman, they are the ones who have learned that if you want to take over the world, you’ve got to jump first and ask questions later (or not at all).

Methodical [aka The Planner]

The methodical entrepreneur is precisely that: someone who plans things out meticulously before doing anything. They tend to be excellent listeners but not great speakers says Paul Haarman. Their motto is “it’s better to be safe than sorry”. This type is most likely found in research labs or offices filled with whiteboards covered in diagrams and graphs. If they’re trying something new for the first time. They will usually go through extensive research on what already exists. And how people reacted to it before moving forward. They’re the ones most likely to be caught in “analysis paralysis”. Because they want to make sure everything is perfect before taking any further steps.

Methodical Entrepreneurs That Have Grown Up

This category includes everyone from Steve Jobs to Bill Gates, Elon Musk. And many more high-profile people are known for their shrewd business sense. Unlike scrappy entrepreneurs who tend to work on risky things. Methodical entrepreneurs will hold out until they find something that’s already proven itself. With a large customer base before moving on it (and try to improve upon it if at all possible). As one can imagine, this isn’t easy since you cannot build a time machine and go back into the past. But some of these individuals have found ways of working around this. If you know of anyone who has had a successful business idea. They more than likely fall into this category.

The Outcome-Oriented [aka The Good Talker]

Outcome-oriented entrepreneurs are usually the most charismatic of all types and can be very engaging when talking to people. As per Paul Haarman, They’re the ones that get other people fired up about their dreams. And plans for the future in ways. That makes everyone want to jump onto their bandwagon immediately (don’t let this fool you, though). Sometimes these individuals also have moments where they appear extremely self-confident… almost arrogant in an attempt. To cover up how nervous they are inside because there is always some tiny chance everything could go wrong. These entrepreneurs work best in groups and usually end up getting the best results.

Outcome-Oriented Entrepreneurs That Have Grown Up

This category includes some of the most influential people on Earth. Oprah Winfrey, John F Kennedy, Steve Jobs, and more recently, Donald Trump was all outcome-oriented entrepreneurs. That rose to fame because they had such a way with words (even if you didn’t like what they had to say). They can make you feel like you’re about to be part of something unique. Even though their ideas often tend to sway towards the unrealistic or impossible. However, if they do succeed. These individuals become legends and get paid A LOT for their time and knowledge.

The Introverted [aka The Loner]

There are always those who don’t like to be around other people, especially strangers. This is the type of individual that you might see sitting alone at a coffee shop (or not see at all). Doing some work on their computer while wearing either headphones or earplugs… or both. They’ve found out that solitude is very rarely lonely, and it gives them time to do. What they want without dealing with anyone else’s drama (it also helps that many introverts are extroverted but need downtime). Paul Haarman says you could say that they’re “homebodies” because this is where they feel the most comfortable being by themselves.

Introverted Entrepreneurs That Have Grown Up

These individuals are perfect for being artists, writers, poets, authors, and even musicians. They’re often the ones that feel misunderstood with what they’re doing in life but once in a while. Find someone to talk with about their work (or write/paint/perform it for these individuals instead). Introverted entrepreneurs tend to be pretty quiet until you get to know them. Even then, many of them still feel like more of a loner.


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