Paul Haarman: Ways to Stand Out as an Entrepreneur & Make It Big in Business 

Just like the axiom says; ‘To be successful you must first learn to be unsuccessful.’ Learning how to fail will help you to… Fail your way to success! Ok, Ok not really but it might make for a great country song if sung that way? Even Eminem knows that he had his share of flops before achieving worldwide dominance in the rap game explains Paul Haarman. The point is that nobody makes it big overnight and it takes learning experiences, trial and error and practice. It also means keeping an open mind about avenues you need to travel down in order to get where you want to go or who want to get there with you.

Only 9 out of 10 actually ‘Make it Big’ As an entrepreneur you will have to put up with a lot of crap from those that would rather see you fail, but that is another story for another day! In this article we want to help you take the first steps towards the big time by listing some top tips for entrepreneurs on how to manage your business and yourself so as to increase your odds of being one of those great success stories.

Many people become entrepreneurs because they have a passion or a dream about something they saw or experienced which made them think, “I could do it better?” – They wanted a change in their life and realized there was no need to wait around for someone else to offer them an opportunity for advancement. They decided to create that opportunity for themselves!

The world is in need of more entrepreneurs which means there are more opportunities than ever before says Paul Haarman. Not only will you be the master of your own destiny, but you’ll also get to set your own hours too (if done right). No longer will you have to suffer an unfulfilling career with a company that cares nothing for your personal growth or professional development, but instead they want you to act like an automaton following someone else’s plan. One where most days feel like Groundhog Day with just slight variations on how badly they treat their staff and the lackluster pay off at the end of it all.

Before we go into our top 10 tips lets first think about what makes good entrepreneurs? What type of person are you?

Are you an outgoing, friendly and sociable kind of person? Or do you prefer more solitary activities like reading or pursuing your own interests on the internet? Perhaps it is both?! Some people really need to be around other people so they can bounce their ideas off them while others may prefer more time on their own with just a notebook and their thoughts for company says Paul Haarman.

The important thing here is you need to know where your strengths and weaknesses lie so that when you are faced with business decisions, life decisions or hiring decisions, unlike most entrepreneurs who are blinded by passion & excitement, you will make better-informed choices.

When interviewing prospective employees ask yourself if this person looks like they would be fun to work with? Are they friendly? Are they extroverted or introverted? Could you see yourself spending a lot of time with them and feeling like it would be fun or is there too much risk that they will take your attention away from the business and sap your energy as opposed to adding to it?

If you’re having trouble figuring out what kind of person best suits you then think about this:

What activities do you enjoy doing even if no one else watches? For example, many people love to sing but only in the shower, because they know nobody wants to be around to hear it! Maybe your joy comes from playing video games for hour’s on-end without interruption. Who doesn’t love wasting a few hours blowing up space bugs?!

Likewise, what activities do you avoid? Maybe they would rather clean sewers all day then have to make small talk with their friends or family explains Paul Haarman. There is a reason they are avoiding it and that topic should be off-limits in your business, otherwise, they may end up resenting the company they work for because of it!

If you can’t figure out where you stand on this then let us help: You like spending time alone your idea of heaven is having an entire place to yourself – somewhere you can hide away & live like a hermit without interruption


You should hire someone who is equally introverted and averse to social interaction. When you’re hiring for a company nobody ever wants a loudmouth, super social type because they’ll just yap your ear off & then take up all of the time talking about their previous shenanigans that have nothing to do with work. You don’t want that in your company!


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