Paul Haarman

Paul HaarmanShares Top Tips to Maintain the Financial Wellness of Your Business

Paul Haarman shares when you own a small business or startup, funding it and managing your money go together. Then, financing your business is not an easy job. Based on the findings of Bloomberg, 80 percent of business owners fail within 1.5 years because they cannot maintain the financial wellness of their firm. You need to have a better understanding of procuring funds for your startup to avert the common downsides and get your company off the ground.

According to an article published on, it is more logical to apply for a loan to fund your business. There are other ways too. Read on to learn more.

Create a smart budget

There are lean periods in every business, and your startup is no exception and so, you need to be prepared for untoward situations and risks. Plan and create a budget to cope with worst-case scenarios so that you can protect your business from bankruptcy in the days to come.

Budgeting is the key to the success of your financial planning to let you monitor cash flow, business expenditures, and the profit required for sustaining and expanding your startup. A sound financial planning and budgeting will let you uncover hidden costs, thus reducing business risks, especially draining of funds.

Update your business budget periodically and ensure it’s in line with your startup’s performance and growth.

Fund your business

Fundraising, if you do it the right way will help you improve the financial condition of your business. Develop powerful relationships with capitalists and angel investors. You need to take some time off your busy schedule and pick out a financial option, like angel investing and crowdfunding to meet your business requirements.

Spend some of your effort and time to create a persuasive fund-raising pitch. Focus on networking and its potential to develop your firm efficiently. Connect with potential investors and let them know about your company goals and vision, and how you can achieve them.

Consult with a financial advisor

Operating your business has its benefits and drawbacks. Then, if you have a financial advisor to assist you, it would let you meander through a complex financial situation. A finance person will figure out where you need to spend more and in which areas you should do cost-cutting to grow your startup from scratch. You need the right suggestions at the right moment, including investment advice for your small business. Hire a financial advisor with relevant knowledge and experience in managing business funds.

Know your sales cycle

When you have a business to manage, you will face challenging situations and learn to cope with the same. Then, if you understand the sales cycle of your business, you can deal with the tough challenges faced by you as an entrepreneur.

Growing profit during the off-season is difficult, and so, you need to maximize sales as much as possible during the peak season. You also need to boost your marketing efforts to reach out to more customers in less time.


Paul Haarman concludes Businesses are risk-driven, but you need to procure funds to survive in this age of global competition. Keep these tips in mind to get a strong grip on your company finances, ensuring smooth fundraising.

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