Strategies to Use Life Insurance for Retirement

When a life insurance agent approaches you, they primarily promote permanent life insurance. Permanent life insurance incorporates a specific cash value that enables you to save for the future says Paul Haarman.

Realistically speaking, this permanent life insurance policy would be magnificent – if you had around 12,060,000 worth of dollars in your account.

The best way to consolidate a life insurance into retirement plans is by purchasing a simple term life policy. See if the policy has a good death benefit and invest extra income in your tax-advantaged retirement accounts.

Other than that long term care planning also helps you use your policies for retirement.

There are some strategies that permit you to use life insurance for retirement:


1.     Long term Care Planning


Life insurance is a valuable method for funding the expenses of long-term care planning. Various policies have a clause that permits you to access your early but reduced payment from your death benefit. Besides that, long-term care planning should be present in your life insurance policy. These are structured so that they aid you in long-term care benefits.


2.     Paying Your Policy


Suppose you are reevaluating your cash flow and gearing up for retirement. In that case, you should also consider that the permanent life policyholders have the choice to pay for their concerned upcoming policy premiums with their respective cash flow.


3.     You Should Have An Emergency Fund


You should stock up on an emergency fund that can cater to your expenses for around four to six months says Paul Haarman. In case of any emergency or any unexpected circumstances, use up your emergency savings. Don’t dent your retirement funds on those issues. Try to save up beforehand for them.


4.     Think About Long-Term Disability Insurance


Disability Insurance comes in handy if a person is not able to work. Several companies offer disability insurance as a benefit as it helps regain the lost income due to absence. There are several policies to work with. You can opt for any occupation policy, own-occupation policy, or social security disability insurance.


Ensure that the policy is authentic, renewable, and can’t be canceled. This would help re-qualify the policy, and the policy can stay active as long as you are paying on time.


5. Borrowing from Yourself


Borrow from your future self. This can be done easily by taking an early deposit from your cash value. You wouldn’t have to pay back the loan, but it would be deducted later on from the death benefit. So your family will be paid the amount after it is cut.



These 5 tips shared by Paul Haarman that will enable you to use your life insurance when you retire successfully. Follow these strategies to use life insurance for Retirement. Make your Retirement easy and better with these steps.

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