The United States and China Announce Surprise Climate Agreement at COP26 Summit – Paul Haarman

China and the United States – the two of the world’s most greenhouse gas producing countries, which account for more than 45% of the world’s total annual carbon output – announced Wednesday that they would try their best to limit the emission of greenhouse gas to reduce the global climate problems says Paul Haarman.

The agreement was announced at the United States COP26 climate conference which took place in Glasgow, Scotland. The primary motive of the agreement is to accelerate the process of greenhouse reductions. The accord asks the government worldwide responsible for greenhouse emissions to keep the global temperature prevent from going more than 2 degrees Celsius related to the preindustrial times.

Xie Zhenhua, Chinese special climate envoy told the news reporter the climate control rules aren’t only beneficial for two or three large countries in the world but also for the other countries. He also stated that Chiba and the United States should pay close attention to their climate-changing attributes.

At a time when the United States and China are against each other due to international issues, the agreement promised to take tough actions on emissions limitations and reductions. The two countries would share technological development and policy to tackle the climate change problem.

The Contract Lacks Specificity, Says Paul Haarman

John Kerry, U.S. special climate envoy said that the climate control agreement isn’t enough to fulfill the 105 degrees Celsius goal of the Paris Agreement, but he also stated that mutual action and responsibility can change the climate for good.

Paul Haarman says that this is the first time two leading counties in the world – China and the United States have stood up against the emission of greenhouse gas.

Most information on the climate control agreement remains unquantified. For instance, China promised to decrease its consumption of coal to accelerate the process. Kerry said that the willingness of China, its current state of greenhouse emissions, and their capability make the agreement much more successful than the critics realize. He also discussed the importance to reduce methane emissions. This is the first time the Chinese government has looked upon the climate control issue.

Kerry also showcased his confidence that the terms and conditions of this agreement and COP26 would be proven by action. The goals and promises will also be implied quickly.

The Role of the United States in the Global Picture, Adds Paul Haarman

Kerry addressed the criticism of the famous nations’ representatives that are amongst the most vulnerable to climate change. As well as questions regarding the leadership of the United States on the changing climate.

Paul Haarman says that developing nations have addressed the wealthy nations to channel more than $100 billion to less wealthy countries so that they can tackle the process of climate change efficiently. They think that lack of willingness from the wealthy country is one of the primary reasons behind the change of climate.

As a reply to the Uganda activist Vanessa Nakate. Kerry said that she should not hold accountable the Biden administration for Donald Trump. He said that Donald Trump had pulled out the Paris Agreement and made the situation worse. However, since the Biden administration has taken over the office. He is focusing on helping the less wealthy countries with money.


As climate change has become a crucial factor, the willingness of the two leading countries. China and the United States is undoubtedly great thing. Now we just need to see how they can decrease their emission of greenhouse gas.

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