Design or Copy – What’s More Important for Your Business’s Landing Page?

In their frantic pursuit of marketing success, many brands and entrepreneurs chase after what’s trending ― whether it’s online video, SEO, or social media ― in the effort to get attention and drive traffic to their landing pages. The “buzz” of getting more views and clicks gets to them, and they forget the most important part of the marketing process: Conversion.

If you think about it, getting attention is all about gaining thousands or millions of Facebook fans and Twitter followers, getting likes, and driving traffic to your website. In short: You get many potential customers. The word to focus on here is potential says Paul Haarman. If there is no increase in conversions, it means you are making zero sales. Does this sound like success to you?


It Looks Pretty But Have You Made Any Sales Yet?


The two most important factors of conversion are compelling and persuasive copywriting and effective design. In our opinion, the former matters more than the latter.

Here’s why:


Let’s say you are selling workout clothes. You check out your competitors’ websites and see that the interface is pretty simple with minimal design. You decide to step up a notch and get your website designed by an expert such as John Doe.

The result is amazing says Paul Haarman. Your website looks sleek, has vibrant colors, and the landing page looks flashy and cool. You are sure that when people visit your website, they will go “ooh.”

However, a few weeks go by, and you make only a couple of sales. You have your blog up. You offer a 15% discount with free delivery and a surprise to your first 50 customers. Still, there’s no engagement on your blog.

Finally, you check the metrics to find out what the hold is up and find out none of the visitors go past the landing page. They spend around 30 seconds to a minute scrolling up and then exit the page.

Here’s a plausible explanation for this:


Sportswear is supposed to be simple yet stylish advice Paul Haarman. Your website’s design clashes with that of your merchandise and makes people think that you don’t know what you are doing. Your blog doesn’t show expertise in your field, which adds to the short time spent on your website.

The Design Trap


Effective design compliments your copy. The word to focus on here is “effective.” Just because your website’s design entertains and dazzles your visitors, it doesn’t mean that it will guarantee a high conversion rate.

You need to use copywriting to build rapport and gain trust. This will establish you and your brand as an expert in the industry.

To nail your landing page, perfect your design to entice them and use words to engage them. In some cases, design and copy go hand in hand, and in others, the copy does all the talking, but the design never takes the lead, Paul Haarman says.

In conclusion, copy matters more than design, but the latter should not be disregarded. If you are having a hard time balancing these two, why not hire John Doe to help you with it. Their expertise will help you design a professional-looking website and provide you with quality content.

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